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https://img.chemicalbook.inSilicone Dioxide(Matting Agent for Coating and Ink)

Matting Agent for Coating ,Ink

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  • Time:2020-06-04

Product Details

  • Product NameSilicone Dioxide(Matting Agent for Coating and Ink)
  • CAS No.14808-60-7
  • EINECS No.215-684-8
  • MFO2Si
  • MW60.08
  • Appearancepowderwhite
  • Melting point 1610 °C(lit.)
  • Water Solubility insoluble
  • density 2.6 g/mL at 25 °C(lit.)
  • Boiling point 2230 °C
  • storage temp. no restrictions.

Matting Agent -UM/360T

UM/360T is a surface treated silicone dioxide and largely used in topcoatings.


  • High exitnction efficiency
  • Easy addition and dispersion
  • Good performance of scratch resistance and abrasion resistance


  • Wood coatings .
  • Types of plastic coatings, such as cabinet paint, 3C coating, toy gift paint, etc. 
  • Metal coatings.
  • Leather Finishing Agent. 
  • Inks and OPV varnishes.


Particle size, D50/μm 6.0~6.5

Oil absorption, DBP (g/100g) 210~260

pH value, (5% in water) 6~8

Porosity, ( ml/g) ≥1.8

Loss on ignition,(1000℃,2Hrs), % <12

Loss on drying,(105℃,2Hrs), % <5

Specific surface area, (BET), ㎡/g 230-280

Surface treatment Organic

Packing style: 10kg/bag


Recommended dosage The recommended addition dosage is 3-10%. Due to different formulas and conditions, it is recommended that the optimal amount of addition should be tested before use.




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